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150 life hacks for hairdressers

Discover these tips from professionals and more in the daily calendar for hairdressers
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Hairdressing is
a top-level sport

The extravagant hairstyles of star athletes are shown as much around the globe as their performances, but did you know that a hairdresser himself is also a real athlete? With as much as 7 hours of intensive physical activity each day, hairdressers have an extremely physically demanding and focused job.

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Tips from and by professionals

No less than 3 out of 4 hairdressers suffer from injuries and chronic health conditions. To prevent you from also being put on the bench, a team of professionals have bundled their best tips in a fun training calendar with 9 themes.

Healthy lifestyle
Salon organisation
Injuries and risks
Great atmosphere
Salon architecture

150 life hacks
and more

The daily calendar motivates you with testimonies, fun quotes and practical tips on ergonomics, equipment, techniques… in an instant.
Free for all professional hairdressers!
That way, you can motivate yourself and your colleagues, 365 days long!

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“The calendar made me aware of how vulnerable my body is as a hairdresser. You always think it will not happen to you… until it is too late”

testimonial joris
Joris, 24, Lisbon

“Fun among colleagues”

“We made a game of it among colleagues to catch each other doing ‘unsportsmanlike’ behaviour! Lots of fun ánd motivating.”

testimonial roseline
Roseline, 31, Ghent

Download more tips for on the sop floor and for at school.

Haven’t got enough yet? Download more background information and specific tips here for employers, employees and schools. Go ergo!

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